Seleccionar página celebrates its first anniversary celebrates its first anniversary, the e-commerce platform and reading community promoted by CEGAL celebrates its first anniversary coinciding with the Bookstore Day campaign. has more than 450 registered bookstores, and with 325 making direct sales, almost 25% of the operations carried out this year have been managed by bookstores in Madrid, followed by those in Andalusia (16%) and Valencia (11.85%). That followed by Catalonia, the Basque Country, and Galicia.

«The good thing about this year of experience is that bookstores have found our way to be in the online market and we are going to go further,» says Alvaro Manso, the representative for CEGAL, who stresses that «this project isn’t born and suddenly has to attract customers, but is growing following its initial philosophy and supported by readers.»

With 1,456,088 books available, 865 bookstores providing availability data, and more than 110,000 copies delivered or reserved, is based on a collaborative model that is quite astonishing in any economic sector. Not only is it based on a system of shared data and is promoted from the associative sphere, which avoids the collection of sales commissions for bookstores, but it also respects and promotes all the channels that make up the so-called book value chain; something that not even the book value chain itself does.

«The good thing about this year of experience is that bookstores have found our way to be in the online market, and we are going to go further».

Upcoming improvements

Among the projects that CEGAL will undertake over the next two years, thanks to European funding from the Next Generation funds, which will represent a strong investment, is the development of this online commerce platform and reading community.

At the moment, a new team is working on the redesign of the platform through graphic changes to the portal, the inclusion of e-book sales, print on demand and audiobooks; the incorporation into the platform of the book offer of the network of public libraries, the strengthening of its reading community aspect, direct access for publishers and minisites for authors, affiliation systems, etc.

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