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Spanish writer Almudena Grandes, the author of «The Ages of Lulu», dies

Spanish writer Almudena Grandes, the author of «The Ages of Lulu», dies

This Saturday, November 27th, the renowned writer Almudena Grandes passed away.

Almudena Grandes was 61 years old, but cancer that she announced in one of her columns for El País has promoted that the writer awarded with the National Narrative Prize 2018 in Spain and the Ibero-American Novel Prize Elena Poniatowska leaves us orphans of her literature.  Known for her works Las edades de Lulú, La madre de Frankestein and Inés y la alegría, among others, all published by Tusquets Editores.

Almudena Grandes

Almudena Grandes (Madrid, 1960 – 2021) became known in 1989 with Las edades de Lulú, winner of the 11th La Sonrisa Vertical Prize. Her novels Te llamaré Viernes, Malena es un nombre de tango, Atlas de geografía humana, Los aires difíciles, Castillos de cartón, El corazón helado and Los besos en el pan, together with the volumes of short stories Modelos de mujer and Estaciones de paso, have made her one of the most consolidated and internationally renowned names in contemporary Spanish literature.

Several of her works have been made into films and have won, among others, the Lara Foundation Prize, the Madrid Booksellers’ Prize, the Seville Booksellers’ Prize, the Rapallo Carige Prize and the Prix Méditerranée. In 2010 she published Inés y la alegría (Premio de la Crítica de Madrid, the Premio Iberoamericano de Novela Elena Poniatowska and the Premio Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz), the first title in the series Episodios de una Guerra Interminable, which was followed by El lector de Julio Verne (2012), Las tres bodas de Manolita (2014), Los pacientes del doctor García (2017 -Premio Nacional de Narrativa) and La madre de Frankenstein (2020).

The author wrote at the time with a retrospective look at relationships: «it had been too much love, as much as I could give, more than what suited me. It was too much love. And then, nothing.

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