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The Madrid Book Fair, one step away from being declared BIC

The Madrid Book Fair, one step away from being declared BIC

The Community of Madrid initiates proceedings to declare the Madrid Book Fair BIC (Bien del Libro de Madrid).

The Community of Madrid proceeded last March 9 to initiate proceedings to declare the Madrid Book Fair BIC (Bien de Interés Cultural). As part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the region, it may receive such consideration in the category of Cultural Fact and its subsequent registration in the Register of Assets of Cultural Interest, in accordance with the provisions of Article 3.4 of Law 3/2013, of June 18, of Historical Heritage of the Community of Madrid.

From this moment on, the administrative steps inherent to the declaratory process proposed to the Plenary of the Assembly of Madrid are initiated.

Eva Orúe, director of the Madrid Book Fair thanked the assembly for supporting what she considers «the fair of the Community, which coexists with other fairs held in many localities». The difference lies in the fact that the enclave that hosts it, El Retiro, it brings together bookstores, distributors, and publishers from all over the region. «And being fair of the city and of the Community, the one in Madrid is the great Book Fair of all Spain, and an international reference,» added Orúe.

Finally, in her words of thanks, the director of the fair not only alluded to its commercial character after 90 years since its first edition, but she also wanted to highlight the efforts made to design its cultural program. In that sense, «the book sector continues to work together to sell, yes, but also to fill the 17 days of the fair with activities for schools and institutes, talks and debates for all audiences. And for that reason, we are also grateful to those who have launched the initiative and to those who support it, who recognize this task, which, in addition, is held in a magical place to whose sustainability we are, of course, committed,» added Eva Orúe.


The proposal came from the Socialist Parliamentary Group of the Assembly of Madrid last December, through the presentation of a Proposition not of Law, which urged the government of the Community of Madrid to initiate proceedings. In the explanatory statement, the socialist deputy Manuela Villa, highlighted the importance of the fair for the book industry in Spanish as it is an unavoidable annual event for all the agents of the book value chain.

In her appearance on March 20, Villa emphasized the cultural, commercial, and festive nature of this date with reading, which this year will be 90 years old, «faithful to its spirit, faithful to its legacy and it is our responsibility to safeguard its future,» she said. Being aware that the survival and continuity of the Book Fair cannot be taken for granted, the Socialist Group urges the government of the Community of Madrid to protect and strengthen it by declaring it BIC, «with no other political intention than to improve the cultural life of our region and protect a very much our way of enjoying books and reading, outdoors, in an emblematic space like El Retiro Park,» he added.

In that sense, and to conclude Manuela Villa said that this initiative also comes to reinforce the protection of the cultural heritage that is part of the Landscape of Light, «an environment in which human beings and nature coexist».

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Text and photo: Feria del Libro de Madrid

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