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Spain wins over the public at the Kolkata International Book Fair

On Sunday, February 12, Spain closed its participation as the Thematic Country at the 46th Kolkata International Book Fair, the world’s largest in terms of visitors, with a resounding success among publishing professionals and the general public. More than 200,000 people visited the pavilion, the epicenter of the literary, cultural, and professional program designed by the Ministry of Culture and Sports, in collaboration with the Embassy of Spain in India, the Cervantes Institute, the Federation of Publishers’ Guilds of Spain, Acción Cultural Española and Turespaña.

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The Directorate General for Books and the Promotion of Reading presents the Plan to Promote Reading in the six official languages of Spain

Coincidiendo con la celebración del Día Internacional de la Lengua Materna, el pasado 21 de febrero, la Dirección General del Libro y Fomento de la Lectura, a través de la Subdirección General para la promoción del Libro, la Lectura y las Letras Españolas, puso a disposición de todos los públicos el documento del Plan de Fomento de la Lectura 2021-2024 en las seis Lenguas oficiales del Estado, esto es: castellano, catalán, valenciano, gallego, euskera y aranés.

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Bookstores will always be a safe bet

According to the Map of Bookstores in Spain (report presented by CEGAL), there are positive data despite the difficult situation in this COVID-19 period. It seems that the market is doing well, the data reflect stability and resilience. Between 2019 and 2021, 45 bookstores opened in Spain and 41 closed.

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Independent publishers: the platform that brings together the smallest publishers

Jacobo Feijóo, responsible for this initiative and the website Editoriales Independientes, as well as creator of the Librojuegos and many other things, presents a project that aims to increase the visibility of the «most independent» independent publishers, not only with a website that brings together all publishers by category, but also by offering a distribution service between 24 and 48 hours to enhance the book chain, favoring the publishers and trying to draw buyers away from the giant Amazon.

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The Aragonese Writers’ Association is already preparing for the Ramón y Cajal Year

The Aragonese Writers Association (AAE) has begun 2022 with the commemoration of the Year of Ramón y Cajal. This year marks the 170th anniversary of his birth and the centenary of his retirement as a professor. The tribute paid to him by the AAE will begin on March 14 in an event to be held in the Caja Rural de Aragón building in which the writers José Luis Corral and Luis Ferruz, both professors at the University of Zaragoza, will remember Ramón y Cajal in his most unknown facet: as a writer.

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Patrici Tixis, re-elected president of the Spanish Federation of Publishers’ Guilds, proposes to improve reading and reading comprehension rates by 2050

The re-elected president of the Federation of Publishers’ Guilds of Spain, Patrici Tixis, took advantage of his intervention during the presentation of the Plan for the Promotion of Reading 2021-2024 designed by the Ministry of Culture to propose the improvement of reading rates and reading comprehension as one of the country’s strategic challenges defined for 2050.

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Spanish writer Almudena Grandes, the author of «The Ages of Lulu», dies

Almudena Grandes was 61 years old, but cancer that she announced in one of her columns for El País has promoted that the writer awarded with the National Narrative Prize 2018 in Spain and the Ibero-American Novel Prize Elena Poniatowska leaves us orphans of her literature.  Known for her works Las edades de Lulú, La madre de Frankestein and Inés y la alegría, among others, all published by Tusquets Editores.

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