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Etiqueta: NaturaLlibe

The forest in the bookstore: NaturaLlibres

We have come to the village of Alins (Pallars Sobirà) in the Pyrenees of Lleida to discover a bookstore in the forest or rather, the forest in a bookstore: NaturaLlibres. NaturaLlibres is not just any bookshop. As its name suggests, nature is present in all its offerings, but in addition, the entire establishment seems invaded by the forest that surrounds it. A decoration according to its environment, which together with the calm attention of its owner, Meritxell Álvarez, makes us not feel any threshold when crossing its doors: we continue breathing the aromas of wood and stone and the leisurely murmur of the forest. At the end of the Farrera Valley, the village of Alins welcomes us, and we have gone there to chat, buy some books and take a walk.

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