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Editorial Barrett: «We are attracted to proposals that depart from what we have already published. We want to be surprised, that’s all»

We talked to the Editorial Barrett team, Manuel, Belén and Zacarías, taking advantage of the fact that Elaine Vilar Madruga, author of La tiranía de las moscas has been awarded the Cálamo Prize for Best Book of the Year. A necessary interview, moreover, after the international success of Panza de burro, by Tenerife author Andrea Abreu. Is Barrett Publishing House one of the most powerful independent Spanish-language publishers in Spain at the moment? 

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Zenda-Edhasa, a new publishing imprint with Reverte

Arturo Pérez-Reverte, writer and founder of Zenda, and Daniel Fernández, editor of Edhasa, president of the publisher infoLibre and new president of the Spanish Publishers Guild, presented Zenda-Edhasa this Tuesday. A new publishing imprint that will delight the most adventurous readers, with cover illustrations by Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau.

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Alicia de la Fuente: «The rescue of women writers is something titanic, but we will do everything possible to have their voices in the catalog»

Alicia de la Fuente, editor and founder of Editorial Espinas began with a blog during the pandemic, Escritoras en la historia (Women Writers in History). It was in the moments of isolation and work with her blog when she felt that there was -and there is- a void in the narrative of literature because there are no female referents, neither she feels them now nor did she feel them as a child. For this reason, she has created Editorial Espinas.

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