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SM Foundation donates 70,000 books to girls and boys

SM Foundation donates 70,000 books to girls and boys

Fundación SM announces the 3rd edition of the solidarity book donation campaign «Páginas para Soñar» (Pages to Dream), which aims to bring reading to children and young people in vulnerable situations.

Reading is essential at an early age, not only to get children used to books but also to have a more fluid and precocious future learning.

Once again this year, the SM Foundation is donating 70,000 copies of children’s and young people’s books to child protection and cooperation organizations that carry out socio-educational intervention projects in Spain, Latin America, and other Spanish-speaking countries.

«Páginas para Soñar» (Pages to Dream)

This solidarity initiative is part of the «Páginas para Soñar» campaign, which since 2019 and with more than 150,000 books donated has been carried out by the SM Foundation through various actions that deepen its work in favor of educational equity, and the promotion of reading among the youngest.

The director of the SM Foundation, Mayte Ortiz points out that this social program is intended that «no girl, no child is left behind, that they live the experience of having their own book in their hands, to enjoy reading enriching experiences, recreating them from their own eyes» so that «one more Christmas we want to bring reading to the places where it is most needed». He is also grateful for the work of the beneficiary entities and educators who will enable thousands of children to enjoy some pages to dream of other worlds.

The copies will be sent to the beneficiary organizations during the month of December.

In order to develop this project, the SM Foundation has the collaboration of different child protection and cultural promotion organizations that will deliver the books to their final recipients: Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), Asociación Abriendo Fronteras, Asociación Barró, Asociación Horuelo, Federación de Plataformas Sociales Pinardi, Fundación Padre Garralda-Horizontes Abiertos, Fundación Secretariado Gitano and 30 residential foster care resources for minors in the Community of Madrid.

As in previous editions, the SM Foundation will also donate lots of books to public and subsidized schools that serve children, and families at risk of exclusion.

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