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On the way to Frankfurt: Errata naturae

On the way to Frankfurt: Errata naturae

Interview with Irene Antón: «We always think of the project as a space of heterodoxy and richness». In addition to its quality and commitment to the environment, Errata naturae’s titles on critical social thought and those that advocate a more respectful relationship with nature stand out.

Errata naturae is also preparing for Frankfurt 2022. It is well known for its firm commitment to its team of workers, to society, and the environment and has maintained, since its inception, the clear objective of redefining its corporate purpose, in addition to the quality of its publications. We wanted to know a little more and its editor, Irene Antón, showed us the guts of this publishing house, whose name «means the monster, the error of nature».

Where did the idea of founding the publishing house come from?

It was the idea of my partner, Rubén Hernández, who proposed it at a time when we were both in crisis with our professional future: although we had begun to write doctoral theses, the academic world was increasingly disappointing us. Founding a publishing house had always been a dream, an idea we fantasized about, but then we talked about it and began to turn it into reality. After the loneliness of our research life, the idea of sharing titles with other readers completely seduced us.

How would you define your catalog?

We chose the name of the publishing house, Errata naturae, which means the monster, the error of nature (that being born with three horns or five legs) because we have always thought of the project as a space of heterodoxy and richness, in which to propose very diverse readings and that, from its beginnings, has had very different collections: critical social thought, titles that defend (through multiple genres: memoirs, fiction, essays, etc.) another more respectful relationship with nature. ) another more respectful relationship with nature, a twentieth-century narrative that brings us unique, feminist, and combative stories, a powerful children’s collection that also promotes another relationship with the environment?

Errata Naturae

In terms of editing, which part of the book’s creation do you enjoy the most?

I think the three of us editors at Errata naturae enjoy the discovery the most: finding a great book brings enormous pleasure, which anticipates everything else: sharing it with a translator, with the production team, shaping the books as it will be published… Until it finally reaches the bookstores and goes its way.

What book/books have you published that have gone unjustly unnoticed?

There are quite a few. An editor always wants the books he publishes to go further. When you choose them you are so convinced that they have a lot to say and a lot to contribute, that you want readers to discover them and get what they have to offer. But since these questions have to do with the Frankfurt Book Fair, I would like to highlight a contemporary narrative book by a German author: David Wagner. We published his book Living in 2021. It is an impressive book about Wagner’s own hospital experience following a liver transplant. It is a profound book, at the same time tender and luminous, about life, illness, desires, needs… At the publishing house we adored it, we tried very hard to make it work well, but it went somewhat unnoticed.

Errata Naturae

And a title you have fought for that you are particularly proud of?

There are also many. Luckily, over the years we have been able to accommodate many projects that we have been excited about. Right now I’m excited about the books of Italian author Pia Pera.

How are you approaching the road to Frankfurt?

At Errata naturae we mainly publish translations, books initially published in other languages that we select for translation into Spanish. That’s why we hardly sell rights abroad, and this aspect of the fair is less important to us. However, it seems to us to be a fundamental initiative, which will undoubtedly showcase the richness, variety, and strength of the country’s publishing sector, and we are excited to participate in it.

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