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More than 150 independent bookstores select the featured books of the month

More than 150 independent bookstores select the featured books of the month

More than 150 independent bookstores have once again participated in the process of selecting and voting for the most outstanding books of the month.

The bookstores propose, through Las Librerías Recomiendan, CEGAL’s reading prescription platform, a list of books that will have special visibility in bookstores, especially because of the upcoming Christmas campaign.

This selection once again plays with genres and audiences, as it offers novels and short stories in fiction, essays and poetry, books for children and young people, and two comics.

The books highlighted by the bookstores

Sagittarius by Natalia Ginzburg (Acantilado).

Mrs. Potter is not exactly Santa Claus, by Laura Fernández (Literatura Random House).

Cuentos completos by Gustave Flaubert (Páginas de Espuma).

Cuentas pendientes. Reflections of a Relapsed Reader, Vivian Gornick (Sexto Piso)

How to keep ashes in the chest, Miren Agur Meabe (Bartleby Editores)

What is hidden in the starry sky?, Aina Bestard (Zahorí de Ideas)

The diaries of Cereza. Complete edition, Joris Chamblain (Alfaguara)

Girl on a Motorcycle by Amy Novesky (Thule)

BLACKSAD 6. TODO CAE – PRIMERA PARTE by Juan Díaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido (Norma editorial)

Fucking Bastard. Isabel by Loisel & Pont (Nuevo Nueve Editores)

Las Librerías Recomiendan and CEGAL

Las Librerías Recomiendan is the platform for literary recommendations from booksellers, and independent booksellers, promoted by CEGAL, which brings together general bookstores, as well as those that focus on children and young adult’s literature (Grupo Kirico), and those specializing in comics.

Its objective is to reinforce the professional image of independent booksellers, increase their visibility, promote the dissemination of cultural content by providing value through recommendations, as well as to create networks with the different agents in the cultural sector, as well as with readers.

Created in 1978, its objectives are to defend the interests of small and medium-sized independent booksellers, to contribute to the modernization of the bookselling structure and continuous training, as well as to promote technological, cultural, research and analysis projects on the book sector.

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