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Meet the first LIBER Awards 2023

Meet the first LIBER Awards 2023

The series ‘Los pacientes del doctor García’ and the supplement La Lectura de El Mundo, LIBER Awards 2023.

The winners of the 2023 edition of the LIBER 2023 Awards are slowly beginning to be announced. As in previous years, the board of the Federation of Publishers’ Guilds recognizes entities and individuals linked to the world of books. An ecosystem that is responsible for spreading the value of books and culture in today’s society.

In this edition, the FGEE has decided to recognize with the LIBER Award for the best audiovisual adaptation of a literary work to the series ‘Los pacientes del doctor García’, co-produced by RTVE, Diagonal (Banijay Iberia) and DeAPlaneta, with the participation of Netflix. The board of directors wanted to highlight with this award the interesting synthesis they have made of the saga Episodios de una Guerra Interminable by Almudena Grandes, for being broadcast on free-to-air and for narrating part of our contemporary history. It is the first time that one of her novels reaches the small screen in Spain.

The series, directed by Joan Noguera, with script and adaptation by José Luis Martín and Nacho Pérez de la Paz, connects real and unknown events of World War II and Francoism to build the lives of characters who not only share the fate of Spain but also that of Argentina. The cast of the series is headed by Javier Rey, Tamar Novas, and Verónica Echegui.

Liber Award for the Promotion of Reading in the Media

About the supplement ‘La Lectura‘, of El Mundo, the FGEE’s board of directors wanted to highlight both the choice of its name and the careful attention it pays to new publications, the brilliance of its presentation, and the fact that, despite its youth, it has become a benchmark in the literary and cultural world.

‘La Lectura’ is a weekly magazine distributed, since January 2022, every Friday together with El Mundo that is in charge of offering the main trends in the world of books, arts, stages, and cinema. It is also in charge of compiling the most important debates in the change of history, science, geopolitics, or social changes. In addition, each week it dedicates its cover to the work of an artist, as a ‘museum without walls’. Directed by Maite Rico, it is defined as a space for information, discovery, and reflection «committed to free thought», as well as a «meeting point for readers, creators and cultural agents from Spain and Latin America».

These awards will be presented on October 5 as part of the activities of the International Book Fair, Liber 2023, held this year in Madrid. At the same event, the Boixareu Ginesta Award will also be given to the Bookseller of the Year, as well as the Liber Awards for the best initiative to promote reading in libraries open to the public. There will also be an award for the most outstanding Latin American author and a tribute to a publisher for his or her career in the world of books. The awards will be announced soon.

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