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Loqueleo, the children and young adult literature digital tool that arrives to Argentina

Loqueleo, the children and young adult literature digital tool that arrives to Argentina

The publishing house Santillana launches Loqueleo in the Argentinean market, a digital tool where printed books coexist with e-books and audiobooks.

Loqueleo, the children and young adult literature imprint of Editorial Santillana, presents a unique proposal in Argentina, which seeks to develop students’ enjoyment of reading and improve their reading comprehension skills.

This proposal aims to generate a digital ecosystem designed for schools, offering a library of digital books, audiobooks narrated by professionals, and comprehension activities.

Platform objectives

The platform aims to stimulate reading. Students can access it at any time and from any device to choose books from the catalog. They can read them either online or download them to read them offline. They can also personalize their reading by choosing between different formats according to their preferences, choosing a font and font size that is comfortable for them and favors their textual comprehension.

Each book has activities organized in a flexible reading itinerary (before, during, and after reading) based on international assessment standards. Reading comprehension is exercised with processes based on four skills: obtaining information, interpretation, global comprehension, and reflection on content and form.

The Loqueleo initiative is part of Compartir (the comprehensive solution that provides a 360º vision of learning), present in seventeen countries. It is one of Santillana’s most outstanding educational projects in Latin America, given that it articulates in a single ecosystem all the needs of the school, adapting to each school’s project to facilitate and enhance innovation strategies. It is based on three pillars: innovation, expertise, and partnership, and its aim is to become the ally of schools in their educational transformation process, positioning them at the forefront of education and ensuring that students are prepared for the future.


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