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July and August: months par excellence for digital reading

July and August: months par excellence for digital reading

Data from the digital bookstore Rakuten Kobo ensures that fiction and romance are the most prominent genres of digital reading in Spain.

Spain loves to read in the summer! During the vacations, we have more free time, fewer obligations and we can read more. According to the «Kobo Annual Reading Report», July and August continue to be the months with the highest reading and listening peaks of the year.

When it comes to deciding on a genre for digital reading, Spaniards choose fiction and romance, while mystery titles are the ones chosen by those who opt for audiobooks.

This season becomes the best time to delve into stories that allow us to travel, live adventures, learn about other cultures and allow us time to get to know ourselves a little more through books. For this reason, Rakuten Kobo takes advantage of the data provided by its report to recommend Kobo eReaders, which allow you to carry hundreds or even thousands of titles in a lightweight and waterproof device, which provides the possibility of moving it to the beach and the pool, minimizing the risk of accidents.

The most read e-books of 2022 to date:

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