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Isaac Sánchez to sign the poster for the next Madrid Book Fair

Isaac Sánchez to sign the poster for the next Madrid Book Fair

The Madrid Book Fair will once again be held in May, as it was before the pandemic.

The artist in charge of making the poster for the 81st edition of the Madrid Book Fair to be held in El Retiro Park from May 27 to June 12 is the artist Isaac Sanchez (Badalona, 1981).

The author has just signed the agreement by which the fair’s management entrusts him with the task of illustrating the 2022 edition. As is tradition, he will have total freedom to create his work.

The poster will be presented next April, and its image will be adapted to different media, including a ONCE coupon that will be raffled during this long-awaited cultural event.

Leaf through the world, the slogan of the 81st edition of the event

Travel will be the thematic axis that will articulate the contents of the 81st edition of the Madrid Book Fair in a triple aspect:

First, the 2022 fair will mark the end of a strange and painful journey: the one we undertook at the beginning of 2020 with the arrival of COVID-19 in our lives.

On the other hand, in this time of pandemic and confinement, the book has been a refuge and a means of transportation. By reading, readers have lived and traveled.

And, finally, travel has always been the seed of great stories. As the great traveler, Ibn Battuta said: «traveling leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller».

These three reasons have prompted the organizers to devote the next edition to this theme as its main motif and to choose «Leaf through the world» as its slogan.

The Madrid Book Fair renewed its direction at the beginning of the year, with the election of Eva Orúe, which has made it necessary to organize the next edition in less than five months. One of the consequences derived from this circumstance has been that Colombia -guest country of honor in 2021- has no replacement for the next edition.

About Isaac Sánchez

He is the author of the comic El regreso del hombre pez (Dolmen, 2009), as well as the trilogy Taxus (Dolmen, 2019) and El don (Dolmen, 2021). With this last work, he won the ‘Book of the Year‘ Award 2021 in the comic category awarded by the Madrid Bookstore Guild. «It is a beautiful tribute to the superpowers genre from a realistic and pandemic prism», according to the jury, who also valued the strength of its graphics.

He has collaborated as an illustrator for companies such as Marvel and Epic Games. Popularly known as Loulogio, he is a humorist, YouTuber and collaborator on TV and radio. He is also currently working on his next graphic novel Baños Pleamar.

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