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Indarelin: new copyright registration process in Mexico

Indarelin: new copyright registration process in Mexico

Indarelín is a service modality for the registration of works, phonograms, videograms, and books through formats with the same validity as a face-to-face registration.

The process of registering original works is well known to many of those who have visited the window or opened the indautor’s website. It is an online service that seeks to put the National Copyright Institute at the forefront, Indarelín is the renewed system for remote registration of this organism.


To safeguard copyrights, promote their knowledge in the different sectors of society, foster creativity, and cultural development, and promote international cooperation and exchange with institutions in charge of registering and protecting copyrights and related rights.

Institutional Objectives

  • A modern, agile, efficient, and technologically advanced institution.
  • To provide greater legal security to our users and strengthen the rule of law proposed by the Federal Executive.
  • To be a financially sustainable institution.
  • To position Indautor in the national and international territory as a leader in Latin America in the protection of copyrights.
  • To make copyright competitive in the environment of commercial and cultural globalization at the international level.

To learn about the functioning, operation, scope, benefits, and effectiveness of Indarelín, the director of the Public Registry of Copyright of the indautor, Dr. Jesús Parets Gómez, had a conversation with Mr. Jorge Iván Garduño, CANIEM’s Communication Coordinator, about this modality.

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