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Deadline extended for German translation residencies in Madrid

Deadline extended for German translation residencies in Madrid

The deadline for submitting applications for translation residencies has been extended to February 28, 2022.

The call for three residencies also extends the period available for stays to be enjoyed from March 4 through December 18, 2022, except for the month of August. Within this period, applicants may propose stays of up to a maximum of three weeks, which must be enjoyed consecutively.

Special conditions have also been incorporated into the call for applications linked to the translation of anthologies and collaborative works involving several authors or translators so that all or part of them may be residents.

This call is aimed at Spanish writers and translators into German of at least one of their works in the process of publication by a German publisher. The joint residency will be held in Madrid with a minimum duration of one week and a maximum of three weeks for each of them (the residencies of both do not necessarily have to have the same length).

The residency is organized by Acción Cultural Española and the Goethe-Institut Madrid with the aim of facilitating the creation of collaborative networks, promoting the dissemination of works by Spanish creators or those living in our country, enhancing the quality of their translations, and strengthening ties between cultural institutions in Germany and Spain.

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