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Cerlalc maps the situation of the book industry in Ibero-America

Cerlalc maps the situation of the book industry in Ibero-America

Cerlalc presents a roadmap to address the situation and prospects of the book ecosystem in Ibero-America.

On the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, the Regional Center for Book Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (Cerlalc) developed a strategy for regional dialogue with actors in its three areas of work throughout Ibero-America, to create a document of priorities around reading, libraries, books, creative industries, and copyright.

To create this roadmap, each of Cerlalc‘s technical departments developed different participatory spaces with representatives from both the state and private sectors and civil society.

A concrete objective for the book in Ibero-America

This is the document prepared by Cerlalc’s Book Production and Circulation Management. The objective is to display a map that will help both book stakeholders and policymakers to identify the contours, strengths, and weaknesses of the heterogeneous world of the Ibero-American book. Check out the complete guide!

Cartography that aims to describe and problematize the present, in the context of the consequences of the pandemic, but which also encourages thinking about future scenarios and challenges. The day-to-day urgency of a publishing house, a distributor, or a bookstore, or the vicissitudes of political dynamics, often prevent us from stopping to look and reflect on what is happening in the region or on the meaning of the rapid global changes and how all this can affect the book ecosystem.

In addition, it is worth noting the sheer amount of information that will help to disperse it, raise questions, and open conversations.

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