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The metaverse and its relationship with the publishing world are the protagonists of the last day of the Forum Edita Barcelona

The Forum Edita Barcelona, organized by the Gremi d’Editors de Catalunya and the UPF Barcelona School of Management Barcelona and presented by the journalist Antonio Iturbe has culminated its seventh edition with more than five hundred participants in a day in which the emphasis was placed, among other topics, on the possibilities of the metaverse and the challenges facing intellectual property.

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The publishing house on its way to Frankfurt: Kalandraka

Coinciding with the International Children’s and Young People’s Book Day, the Kalandraka publishing house began to take its first steps in 1998. Illustrated albums of its own creation, adaptations of traditional tales, recovery of LIJ classics, books for pre-readers, easy-to-read books, book discs, poetry, and art are the main lines of work that make up the catalog of this imprint that began its journey publishing in Galician. Over the years it has become a multilingual project that publishes in Spanish, Galician, Catalan, Basque, Portuguese, Italian, and English.

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The publishing house on the way to Frankfurt: Libros del K.O.

At a time when the pace of current affairs has surpassed the natural course of things, the publishing house Libros del K.O. wants to put this frenetic activity on hold. Their ultimate goal is very clear: they want to recover the book as a journalistic format and tell the reality without haste and without being aware of the clock. For that reason, we have spoken with the publisher Emilio Sánchez to discover how this slow stove works.

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