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Audiobooks, the wide range of job opportunities behind the voice

Audiobooks, the wide range of job opportunities behind the voice

Over the years, the consumption of audiobooks has been increasing, reaching its peak in 2020 due to the pandemic. It was exactly this challenge that allowed companies such as Audible, Storytel or Podimo to expand the job opportunities from this field and share them to the rest of the world. 

A key role in the creation of audiobooks is the Head of Creative Development as it’s necessary for them to have skills like leadership, organisation, excellent oral and written communication, being able to work under pressure, budget management, production supervision, among other tasks. Then, there is the Senior Executive Assistant who’s responsible for managing calendars, meeting deadlines, scheduling meetings, and writing reports.

Next on the list are the narrators, people in charge of giving life to characters and plots. A ‘must’ for them is having some knowledge in interpretation and vocal rhythm, knowing how to play with pauses and being able to avoid a monotone reading. To ensure this, there are Audio Editors, they will make as many takes as needed, create ambiance, direct the narrator according to the material, and handle other responsibilities.

Beyond the audio production, there are Designers who are responsible for the art on the covers and promotional material. Data analysts who day by day, understand their target audience a little more. People in charge of the licence, distribution rights and copyright are the Data Analysts. Those who continuously improve and update the platforms used are the System Engineers. There are interns who help in recruiting more workers, and many more. 

As we now know, there are many job opportunities besides the voices behind our favourite stories, but these jobs are often hidden at first glance. 


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