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AI and sustainability in the publishing sector to be debated at LIBER 2023

AI and sustainability in the publishing sector to be debated at LIBER 2023

LIBER 2023 will be held from October 4 to 6 at the Madrid Trade Fair Center.

Meetings, workshops, conferences, and presentations of highly professional content will take place within the framework of the Program of Activities presented this year by LIBER 2023, International Book Fair, organized by IFEMA MADRID and promoted by the Federation of Publishers’ Guilds of Spain -FGEE-, to be held from 4 to 6 October at the fairgrounds in Madrid. More than 50 sessions will be held over three days, bringing together leading experts from the institutional and business sectors linked to the publishing industry.

Among the outstanding topics of this edition, and in parallel to the irruption of artificial intelligence in the development of content, the program will address the effects that this technology can have on the book sector, on issues such as editorial translation, the world of the audiobook, intellectual property or the effects on the book chain. There will also be a workshop on how to implement this technology in publishing production processes.

Another important topic at the LIBER 2023 Professional Conference will be environmental sustainability in the book chain, with the challenge of reducing the carbon footprint. In this context, different round tables will be offered on how to move towards a «Nature positive» planet in the book value chain; the Community Regulation on Deforestation will be discussed; inks and the environment and sustainable multi-format books, among other topics.

Book business and marketing models, the international collaboration of publishers, and new forms of promotion to reach readers in different international markets will also play a special role in this program, as well as sessions dedicated to the promotion of reading and plans underway in Spain and Latin American countries, including Argentina’s National Reading Plan.

In addition, Poland, guest of honor at LIBER 2023, has organized a professional program of presentations and debates aimed at sharing perspectives and experiences with professionals from the Spanish and Latin American book sector, which will deal with the development of children’s literature, bookstart programs, the new phenomena of the book market in the country and a tour of new Polish books for adults and Polish literature in Spanish, among other contents.

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