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3 books to read or give for Valentine’s Day

3 books to read or give for Valentine’s Day

The Daiquiri Club, El arte de engañar al karma, and Historias de mujeres  casadas are our recommendations for Valentine’s Day reading.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. On February 14 we celebrate the day of love and friendship, and Publishnews can’t think of a better way to do it than reading or giving books in which love takes center stage. Let’s read!

The daiquiri club by Cristina Planchuelo

The blogger and relationship expert Alex Aldana writes about sex in the blog of a digital newspaper and is inspired by the intimate confidences of her friends.

When the novel begins, she is going through a difficult period: she has just turned thirty but, in addition to having lost her boyfriend (a posh guy who was born with a suit on), she still hasn’t got a salary, a stable income, a house of her own, or a solid life plan that is not limited to buying imitation clothes, getting drunk and flirting.

To top it all off, the only Jimmy Choo shoes she can afford, she has bought on a timeshare basis with several of her friends.

The Daiquiri Club is not a place but a pact: to go out together every Thursday night and get wild in the trendiest places in Madrid.

The goal: to make Alex forget about Jacobo, her toxic and attractive ex who, without explanation, left to live in Brazil without telling her, a sobering story for this Valentine’s Day!

El club del Daiquiri

El arte de engañar al karma by Elisabeth Benavent

An aspiring actress is tired of casting…

A renowned artist during a creative crisis…

Valuable paintings found in an attic…

And the art of deception to change the laws of karma.

After selling more than 3,000,000 copies of her novels, Elísabet Benavent returns with El arte de engañar al karma, a novel in which she displays her narrative virtuosity, the magic to create stories, with a style full of laughter and tears, in a surprising novel, full of beauty and art in which women stop being muses to be creators. A classic for Valentine’s Day!

El arte de engañar al karma

Historias de mujeres casadas by Cristina Campos

Gabriela is a woman married to a man she loves. A man she adores. A man who begs her for sex once a month. And Gabriela, because she wants it, because she adores her husband, without wanting it, she gives it to him. But every morning, Gabriela meets a stranger, a man she incomprehensibly desires.

Gabriela is a journalist and works alongside her fellow journalists, Silvia and Cósima, women with whom she has forged a precious and solid friendship. Like Gabriela, they also hide little secrets from their husbands.

Historias de mujeres casadas is a powerful novel that delves into female intimacy and naturally narrates the reality of many contemporary women trapped in lives they never imagined. Would you dare to discover a story like this on the eve of Valentine’s Day?Historias de mujeres casadas

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